Friday, September 2, 2011

Of Birthday/Holiday Weekends and To Do Lists and Being Home Alone

It's Labor Day weekend, and so many people are heading out for the last camping weekend of the year...the last Summer hurrah...the last few days before school starts again for all the children. *all the children groan and all the parents rejoice*
So what am I doing this weekend? Staying home by myself. Yep, I've got nothing! My parents have gone up North to visit an old teacher and friend of my mom's, and I am here...with nowhere to go, and no way to get anywhere even if I did. Ok...I do have a Starbucks free birthday drink card I've got to use, but it'll have to wait until my parents get back on Wednesday.
But Monday is Labor Day here in the US, and also my birthday. What shall I do? Well, unless I am surprised by any local friends and family members with some sort of outing, I shall stay home and watch movies (especially North and South) and eat Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate ice cream! :-D
Tuesday shall probably be my most productive day- a.k.a. cleaning. The rest of the days shall be somewhat productive with plenty of movie breaks in there. ;-)

My 'To Do' list for the weekend (in no particular order):

Edit and List Photography
Clean Washer and Dryer
Do Dishes and Laundry
Screen Cap and Song Cap DVDs
Watch Movies on My Netflix free trial
Watch 'North&South', 'A Little Princess', 'Pride&Predjudice' (BBC version), and 1983 BBC 'Jane Eyre'
Take the socket liners out of my prostetics and wear them like that so my stumps fit in the sockets better
Possible Sewing Project
Record my own audio books
Finish my Writing Challenge blog posts!!!
Vaccuum (sp?)

Busy weekend....Wouldn't you say? ;-)

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Ajnos said...

Sounds busy. While it's not fun to be on one's own, one can also get a lot done without the distractions.

I hope you're having a great weekend so far.

Ajjie >'.'<