Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day Seven- Favorites Again

This time I am supposed to tell you what my favorite genre to write would be.

I have a few genres that I like to read, and a couple that seem to come naturally into my imagination with their prodding little pickets trying to get me to write them.

The first, if you will have noticed, is Fantasy. It is probably the genre I enjoy reading the most, and is where my mind naturally goes the most. But my mind does not neccessarily wander into the area of strict high fantasy, such as Lord of The Rings, but more into the area of expanded fairy tales, with a few of the sort of elements one might find in the higher tales. One only has to read the parts of my book that take place in Faerie to understand that.

The second would be Historical Fiction...however, I have yet to really, seriously try my hand at that as the amount of research often required scares me. Too much in school, I'd say. But if you notice my list at the side of my works in progress, you will notice two selections that will be historical. Thankfully they are of places I know and have access to for research. ;-)

I also love writing poetry, and that often has the tendancy to sneak its way into my other writings. In Faerie's Grace, the first part of Hwinny's quest is partially spurred by a nursery poem, and I've even ended a bit of Narnian fan fiction with a poem before. (I think more people enjoyed the poem than the story)

I also plan at least one venture into the realm of Contmeporary writing...and, perhaps, revising a project I started as a teenager- making it, not really fantasy....more alternate universe. We'll see. ;-)

Join in!

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Ajnos said...

Hey Wrosie. I've given you the Liebster Award. I hope you don't mind I used your forum pic as an illustration because your blog title was hard to read when I made it small. Here's a link:

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