Saturday, September 24, 2011

Longing For England

So I decided to post the poem I wrote for the writing contest I spoke of in my last post. (No, I did not win.)
The theme had to be about England, and I decided to take a literary twist. :-)

Enjoy! :-)
Longing for England
By Wrosie
I once strolled the streets of Paris,
Dazzled by the romance it gave,
But deep down my heart yearned for England
In the longest heartbreaking wave.

Had I been there? No, indeed!
Not in physical form.
But my heart had been carried there many days
From night to many a morn.

I strolled the countryside with Elizabeth and Jane.
And visited Bath with Kathy.
In London I saw the Marshalsea Prison,
Under the guidance of Amy.

Faerie worlds came vividly alive
Through wardrobes and great palaces.
Seen in the eyes of the young and old
Through its Lucys and its Alices.

Now, I am home.
Through America I roam,
Still having never been there,
But its sights I shall see.
Oh, England, I’ll visit thee!
And I’ll get there when I get there.


Anonymous said...

I love this. Love it. ^.^ All the references to literary characters, some the very best and most loved of characters, made me smile.

Well done, Wrosiesis. ^.^

Ajnos said...

Ooh an England poem ^.^
This is great.

(I'm trying to do a "quick" catch up on everyone's blogs I've neglected for the past month so forgive my short reply)