Saturday, September 3, 2011

Writing Challenge Pick Up- Days 9 and 10

Yep, I'm finally picking back up on the writing challenge, and plan on doubling up the days so I can finish by the end of my extended weekend.

You can find the writing challeng at Lerowen's blog Eat...Sleep...Write.

Day 9- What is your current writing project?

Wait? Whatever happend to day eight? Well, I don't really know any videos about writing and books, except one that some of my friends posted while doing this challenge, but I didn't care for it all that much and I didn't want to over repeat it, so I am skipping that one and moving on.

So, my writing projects can be seen by the little section on your right. Currently I'm still trying to get up the courage to face that beast of a project called editing, and the story waiting to combat that beast is Hwinny's Story. In the mean time, and as November is comming up quite faster than we realize, I have already started a little on Naji's Story as you may have seen in one of my past posts, and this is what I shall probably choose to work on during NaNoWriMo this year. Though, I admit, this story does not seem to want to come out as easily, so far, as the other did. :-P

Day 10- The Most Important Thing To Know About Writing

Oh, dear. I'm afraid I may not be the best at giving this sort of advice, as I am quite the ameteur at it, myself. However, I would warn anyone trying their hand at writing that it is not as easy as it tends to look. But if you are determined to get a story out, don't let anything stop you. Even if you take years to write one book, don't give up writing it until it is completely at its end. Even, as they tell you at NaNo, it ends up as nothing but junk, get it out! You can learn from it, and editing does wonders. And that's another point- editing while writing can make your ideas die. Best not do it until completely finished writing.
Read a lot of good quality (well written and moral) books- both classic and modern. Pay attention to the nuances of history and its everyday life for people shown in those pages. Let your imagination soar! Don't be afraid to venture into the unknown, but always keep the familiar close at hand.
You may be the only one to read your story, but keep writing- never give up!
Do it for yourself- for fun, love, pleasure, and challenge- and don't let frustration and negativity from others or yourself stop you!

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