Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Post Christmas Post

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas!

My Christmas was a little unusual for me, but not bad.

Our Christmas started on Sunday night, having a Christmas dinner (with gingerbread for dessert) and opening presents with my sister and her  family. It's always so much fun to watch my nieces and nephew going through the stockings my mom puts together for them, and opening their presents. :-)
We all got things we love! I got my dad a DVD of The Black Shield of Falworth, which I'd dare say is his favorite movie. My mom got a Nook Glow and lots of Barnes&Noble gift cards.
I got, from my parents, the BBC Classics complete Jane Austen collection DVDs and Little Dorrit DVD! :-D And there was much rejoicing! :-D
Unfortunately, my sister wasn't feeling well. :-(

Christmas Eve I had to work. :-P But, thankfully, it was quite slow and I got out fairly early with plenty of time before having to head out to my grandparents' house. Unfortunately, my sister still wasn't feeling well, and neither was her husband and the youngest. Fortunately, we were able to pick the older two kids up and bring them with us. They had a blast! And they got a small foozeball table from my grandparents, which was a big hit! I got a Barnes&Noble gift card, which was completely spent before I went to bed that night. (I bought four Nook books)
Our dinner was the traditional Christmas Eve at my grandparents' house dinner- Pizza Hut, KFC, chips, and cookies. Thankfully, my dad agreed to make a cut veggie tray to bring. I don't mind having a slice of pizza or a piece of fried chicken...but, please, give me something healthier on the side than potato chips! I didn't have any of the sweets, either. I've had a sore tooth (with a possible cavity) for a week, and I knew that would not be friendly.

Christmas Day we didn't do anything! That was the most unusual part of the holidays for us. Normally we would have a get-together on my dad's side of the family in the evening for snacks and desserts. This year, however, they had it Sunday evening, and since we had already planned our little family Christmas for that night (as it was the only night possible for both sides), we couldn't go. So, we spent the whole day in the house watching Christmas movies (and me reading) and such. My dad had to work that night, anyway, so we wouldn't have been able to go anywhere, really. (He works third shift)
And I ended up having an upset stomach, but it's better now.

Then, today, I had to work again, of course, and my parents went over to visit my dad's mom for a while so she wouldn't go the holidays without seeing them at all.
And, I have to wait a whole week before I can get into the dentist. :-(

Over all, it was a good time. My mom, sister, oldest niece, and grandma also got to go to the Nutcracker on Saturday! My niece won four tickets. :-) They had a very nice time. And I only have one gift to return or exchange...a nice button down shirt my sister got me- it didn't fit quite right. :-P

Now, on to New Year's! I shall finally get to see The Hobbit!!!! :-D

See you all next week! ;-)

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