Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autumn Princess- A Poem

As we are in this Fall season, I keep thinking about this poem. I wrote it back when I was in high school (making it over ten years old!), and it was dedicated to my cousin Rachael.
I hope you all like it. :-)
(And I've decided to share this poem in Katie's October Snippets.)

Autumn Princess
by Rebekah Porter

Princess of the Autumn,
To make her crown,
Around her head
Flaming leaves surround.
Waiting in the woods,
Down the paths she walks,
But when people see her,
Some know not
To Whom she talks.
She thanks Him for everthing,
From the brown of her hair
To the gold of her dress.
She knows that she must sing,
For each thing in her life
He did bless.
May she be a witness,
Her light ever strong,
That people see God's love
In this princess.
That it last
Her whole life long.


Bekah said...

Very nice! The pictures add a nice touch. My name is Rebekah too ;)

Stopping by from the link-up :)

Lilly said...

That was beautiful! I really liked the description, but moreso the theme.

Kendra E. Ardnek said...

Hi! I tagged you over at my blog: and my character, Maryanne, tagged Hwinny here: