Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NaNoWriMo Approacheth!

That's right! That month of  literary insanity- and insanity in general. Caffiene highs, paper cuts, carpal tunnel... You get the idea.
Think about it! Less than two weeks until NaNo begins! Let the panic ensue! (I really need to cut down on those exclaimation points...)

This year, I shall be working on the second book of my Faerie's Virtues series, entitled Faerie's Love: Naji's Story. The only thing  is, I still don't have a definite plot, yet. Well, NaNo's motto is, after all, "No plot? No problem!" I just never thought I'd actually be approaching from that stand point. :-P
I have a bit of a general idea of some things I want to happen, I suppose, and I do know the basic theme of the story. I even have the very beginning written, and one of the scenes toward the end. What  goes in the middle? No clue.

To top that off, my parents and I are traveling down to Texas to spend Thanksgiving week at my brother and his wife's house. I've never traveled during November in the last two years I've done NaNo...I have no idea how this will affect my ability to finish. Usually, I like to stay ahead a bit so I can finish before Thanksgiving- makes less stress during the holiday weekend. That's especially important to me, since I work in a restaurant, and things get busy starting that weekend, what with the holiday shoppers and all. I know I won't be able to work on my novel during the travel days...they'll be too busy and full of travel. But since we are flying, thankfully the travel days are just one down and one back up. Hopefully, I'll get to work some each day while I'm down there...probably in the evening after we've returned to my brother's house. I usually work on my novel in the evening, anyway, so I guess that won't be any different- it's just the different location/atmosphere and the possibility that I won't be able to shut myself away for hours. Not to mention new distractions. One distraction that I'm the most concerned about- the dog. Will she leave me alone? Or will she be bugging me? We shall see.

I figure, if I make sure I get my usual 2k each day (not including the travel days, and Thanksgiving Day), and try to push myself to get closer to 3k, if possible, I should be okay. Here's to it!

Now, to some important information about my new book. I have two new characters to introduce!

Lady Aqualia is a Sea Lady (a Sea Woman of the Nobility). She befriends Princess Naji and Lady Henafubi while they are on holiday at the "Pearl Palace"- the royal seaside palace. She has a pendant she wears that holds a blue moonstone, showing that she is the highest born Sea Lady, after her mother.

Sir Gavin is Lady Aqualia's older brother. He is very protective of his only sister, and is very brave.

I'm afraid that's all I know about these two, for now. They shall have to develope further as I write.
And, no, that is not Arthur Darville in that picture. (Rory, for all you Whovians who don't know actor names) But doesn't it knind of look like him???

And, finally, since the NaNo site has not yet put up the ability to upload covers for our novels, I shall show the beautiful cover that our dearest Tooky made for me!

That's Aqualia's necklace! :-D
I'm also working on an alt cover, myself. Whenever I can find the time to work on it, that is. Once it's finished, I'll post it, too. :-)

If you don't know what NaNoWriMo is, it is National Novel Writing Month. The goal? Writing a 50k word novel in the 30 days of November. Crazy, isn't it? ;-)

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