Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Writing Challenge Day Three- Your First Attempt At Writing

Uhg! This could be mortifying!

Ok...I'll actually tell of my first two, as both were school assignments, and the second, I think, gives me better credit. ;-P

The first attempt was in fourth grade. Everyone in the class had to write a book, and they were indiviually bound with wallpaper covered cardboard covers. (Honestly, I would have completely forgotten about this thing if my sister-in-law hadn't found it in the attic a few months ago.)
My book was titled The Princess and The Dragon. Can you guess what it was about? :-P
And who knew the oldest, though smallest, roots for my last book started way back then?
It was your typical princess captured by dragon story, and I cringe at my ending: "Then they saw it was time to go home. The End." But, hey, this is out of the mind of a nine year old! :-P

My second real attempt at writing wasn't until eighth grade. My English class was supposed to read Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart and then each student write a short one or two page story based off of it. However, my mom would not let me read the story (for good reason), so my teacher selected another story from which I was to do the assignment. I don't remember the name of the story or the author, but I remember it was set in the future in a space port on the moon. Two men were discussing an art burglary that had happened on Earth.
I put my character in as a young girl traveling to visit her grandmother when her father had an urgent business matter to attend to. This girl is sitting in the port listening to the two men's conversation when she realizes all the circumstances match to why her dad was shipping her off, and that- I think it was a vase- was in her suitcase.
My teacher gave me an excellent grade, saying I did very well. :-)
Though I don't remember all the details of it, I still like to think of that story now and then.... <---- To see what this challenge is about!


Lèrowen said...

Cute! I too, had once writen a story about a princess and a dragon. I think that how a little girls mind works.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I should send you some excerpts of my first novel-writing attempt. You'd feel mighty good about your first attempts after reading mine, I can tell you that. :P

One of my first stories, I remember, way back in the second grade, was about our principal drinking coffee. He turned into a monkey, and then our book-boxes sprouted wings and started flying all around... our teacher had to come and save the day. And the principal was banned from coffee forevermore. :P

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

Then, my dear sister, we have found our form of torture for those who will not join our side! (details to come) ;-)