Thursday, August 4, 2011

Writing Challenge Day Four- Inspiration

Today's instruction is to tell about a novel or author who has influenced your writing style in some way.
I am going to interpret this in two ways.

Story Content-

This may not actually be what was meant, but I felt it should be mentioned as it seems to go hand in hand, to me.
The authors who have influenced the creating of the world in my book are C.S. Lewis and Frewin Jones.
Lewis for his creativity which inspired my own for being able to create a fantasyworld, plus his way of putting in the Christian themes without it being overbearing. He also inspired Frewin Jones, who in turn, inspired me to writ my book because I knew there should be a Christian alternative to his Faerie Path series for all those young (or even not so young) people out there who would love the stories but not the type of magic used, etc.

Writing Style

This I feel was strongly influenced, again by Lewis for his simplicity, but also Robin Jones Gunn (who is also a Lewis fan) for her straight forword but engaging way she presented the teenage/college age world and mind. The way Mrs. Gunn writes her books makes it easy to understand her characters, both what they are saying and what they are going through. I like to strive for that, myself. Plus she presents the Bible and Biblical morals in a way that is right on.

I'm so thankful to have these authors be my influences. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hurrah, hurrah for Lewis! ^.^ His writing, his ink-voice, his stories -- how he pulled everything together and wrapped it perfectly in a neat, glorious little package never ceases to inspire me.

Ajnos said...

Lewis is obviously a favourite of mine. Interesting that you mention Ms Gunn. I haven't read her books since Grade 8, but come to think of it, she drew me back into reading after I'd all but abandoned reading for pleasure. Sadly, and ironically, since these days I'm more likely to be classed a Tolkien addict, it was my first attempt at Rings that all but destroyed my enthusiasm for reading (long story which I'll share if you really want to know). Gunn drew me back with her down to earth stuff which I needed at that time when fantasy was a problem for me.

I say, as I have to the others, sorry for not reading & replying to all your challenge posts.

Ajjie >'.'<