Friday, August 5, 2011

Writing Challenge Day Five- Least Favorites

Well, it certainly is hard to choose a character you don't like at all, since, as Anna at Insanity Comes Naturally mentioned, every character has a purpose to fulfill. Even if that purpose is along the lines of the villian, you still can't completely dislike them, because they are doing their job. It is their job to not be likeable, and you must like them for that.

However, if I must choose, so be it, and I must, therefore, choose the first set of villians we meet in my book.

Firstly, I don't, in general, care for Hwinny's guardians. What kind of people stalk and run off the road the girl they raised? If you can call what they did raising her. They really didn't have much of a part in Hwinny's life. They were like absentee parents. Providing, but leaving the care and raising to the nanny.

Secondly, Nurse Ippy...after all, she was the one who kidnapped the princess. I have also found, now that I'm writing more of her due to Naji's story, that I find her a bit annoying. I can't place my finger on just what makes me feel that toward her, but I know it's there- ready to show itself in the book I'm working on.

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Lèrowen said...

It's quite sad we can not like all of our characters. But at least they fufill a purpose.


Anonymous said...

Ah, this does looks like a hard question. I've no idea what my answer would be, as I rather think I'd I'd enjoy (even if just slightly) writing the "bad guys". Heh, heh...

Oh, and get this: I've been stuck in the deep murk of Writer's Block for a very long time now. I'm not sure what was keeping me there, but it had a firmer a hold on me as ever before. And then, AND THEN! And then I started eating a cucumber. BAM! A character unfolded before my very eyes. I ran to the laptop, started typing, and now I think I know where I'm going with this next chapter.

The power of the Cucumber is strong, my friend. :P