Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Waiting, Smalltown Poets, Butterfly, Superman, and My Crazy Life

That's a lot for one post title, I know, but that's all the different things I wanted to feature this time, as well as the usual rambles.

First off, I wanted to post sooner, but life has a way of going crazy...even when it's not being crazy crazy, it can still be crazy enough to keep you from doing stuff you want to do. As usual, there's work, and we just sent off our general manager into retirement...I'm super curious to know who the new GM will be. Then there is babysitting, and let me tell you, as much as I absolutely love my neices and nephew, they can be a handfull...especially when you're babysitting them for five or more hours straight. I get exhausted just thinking about it. Then there's forum stuff...yah, you get the picture. After all that, I feel a little more blah than I did the other day...and things were looking up just after that...*sigh*
Don't worry, I'll be fine...some snugs and I'll be right as rain. Oh, and I had the ice cream, but I didn't have it until the next day.

Sooo....The Waiting!
One of those bands who came out in the late '90's and didn't really make it past 1999. However, they were popular enough to make three (or was it four) albums. I have several songs of theirs that I like, but I have five songs that I especially love: "Never Dim", "How Do You Do That?", "Hands In The Air", "Unfazed", and, most especially, "Speak". You can find videos of all five of those on Youtube, if you're interested in hearing them, but, I'll warn you, most of them are live performances which can usually sound a bit different in the way they sing the songs than what you would hear on their albums.
Here is a vid of "Speak":
I especially love the last verse: "From the burning of the bush that refuse to be consumed,/ To the Spirit on a shepard boy who ran through every tune./ The terror of the King who carries vengence in His had,/ The love of the Messiah dying quiet as a lamb!"  The last phrase makes me tear up every time. It's such a beautiful picture.

Then there's Smalltown Poets. Another band who did quite well in the late 90's (maybe the very early 2000's, too), that I still love, who did a mix of quirky deep and beautiful deep and simple all at the same time. Interesting mix, huh? Well, that's how I describe it, anyway. From the interesting presentation of "Prophet, Priest, and King":

to "Anything Genuine" and the beautiful "Hold It Up To The Light". More I highly recommend checking out.

A couple more great songs are Seven Day Jesus's "Butterfly":
And Luna Halo's "Superman":

All great, and I hope, if you haven't heard them before, that you'll check them all out. ;-)
That's all for now! See you later! *SUPERSNUGS*

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