Wednesday, February 2, 2011

After You Get What You Want... don't want it.
You know that saying, right? It's kind of how I'm feeling right now.
After the ton of snow we got last night I was hoping and praying I'd get a snow day from work. (We all want those days from time to time.) Well, after getting ready for work, but before leaving the house, I found out I got my wish. Unfortunately, after the initial excitement, I became very bored. I've done nothing all day but rotate between the same websites (email, Facebook, chat and forum, and here), with a small nap in there. Real exciting.

The thing is, I've got plenty I could actually do. I need to do my taxes, I've got a classic Doctor Who DVD to finish screen capping, two book reviews to write for SCR, and a book to finish reading so I can continue onto the over one hundred I've got on my "to read" list. Not to mention a lot of graphics and music playlist ideas running through my head that I could do some creative work on. So why do I let myself just sit here and become bored. *shrugs*
I just feel blah....I think I need lots of snugs...maybe that's part of the problem...maybe I'm currently hug deficient. I was once told that it actually takes fifteen hugs a day to remain physically healthy, and I believe it! I've always been a hugger. Hugs make me feel happy. I think I'm definitely currently hug deficient.
Chocolate would be nice, too....I do have some Starbucks hot chocolate ice cream in the freezer....but I've been fasting sweets for the last month (virtual ones not included, so all those cookies handed out in the chat are fine) and have been trying to go for forty days with it...I have considered going only thirty, which would mean I'm now done.

To stop or not to stop, that is the question! Whether 'tis better for me to continue a fast of forty length for my health and spiritual life or to stop now and enjoy chocolate ice cream. Either a noble feat which cannot be scoffed at. Ah! cruel world to place such decisions at the feet of one so craving the sweetness of chocolate! Yet, to partake of that which is already in one's possession, but not continue farther, is not of a criminal mind; but to tarry to the end in strength of decision is more honorable, still. The thought of freezer burn and waste to attack such sweet splendor is more than one can bear, yet temptation is not one to give humor. This life brings me onward in decisions I must debate until the end is neigh. Sorrow upon each moment until that decision is made.

Ooookaaaay....yeah....I reeeaaaly need hugs. :-(  *le sigh*

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