Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mystery Solved?

So, the mystery of the shattered glass may be solved. One of my dad's cousins offered this explaination:

It may have been tempered glass. It shatters in small pieces, no large fragments to be found or cut on. That type of glass will shatter into very small pieces as if it exploded, if it has a chip, hairline crack, or any type of trauma. Funny thing about it. It doesn't always break right away.
Anything as simple as a change in pressure in a room can cause it to explode if it has any cracks, even those too small to see. Although rare, it does happen.
This does seem the most plausible explaination I've received, yet. So, mystery solved?
What do you think?

Oh, word of advice....

Don't eat bad apples!!!! :-P

Song stuck in my head:
"Hands In The Air" by The Waiting

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