Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beautiful People- June/July

Well, this is going to be different.
As Sky at Further Up and Further In said, she and Georgie will be taking a bit of a hiatus during the summer due to busy lives, so they have left the Beautiful People up to us! All ten questions!

Now, I really don't think I'd be able to come up with some really good questions on my own, and if I tried picking questions from the archive, I'd probably only pick easy ones.

So, this is my idea: YOU choose the questions for me!
You choose what character, or characters, you would like to know more about, and ask me the questions!
You can make up your own, or choose from the BP archive. You can ask as many questions about as many characters as you want.
I'll answer the best or all, depending on how many questions are submitted.
So, just leave a comment with your questions and the characters each are directed toward.

Here are your victims, have at 'em!

Click on the photo to see it larger, and be able to read the names. If you still have a hard time telling the name of a character, you can either check out each character profiles post in my archives to find it...or you can just ask me. ;-)

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