Saturday, June 30, 2012

100 Days of Worship- A Challenge

Lately, I've been feeling God pressing on my heart the challenge of spending 100 continuous days in worship.
As we all know, worship is not just singing songs or hymns at the beginning of a church service, but is a way of life. That's where the challenge lies. And I felt I should share this challenge and encourage you to join in with me.

Does this challenge mean singing worship songs all day? No. It just means spending some point in the day in worship with songs, or hymns, or even Psalms, and letting God work in you through it. Making full out worship part of your God time, as well as reading your Bible.

What if my day is really busy? All the more need for worship, I'd say. And it isn't hard to fit in. If you have a regular daily Bible time, include it in that. It's also something you can do while doing daily tasks, such as the dishes, or cleaning, or (as I tend to) getting dressed in the morning. Just pop in or put on some worship music (it can be an old cassette tape, a CD, some mp3s, or even youtube videos), or just  pick your favorites out of your head. You can sing out, or hum, or just silently worship in your head (this is best if you are out in public). The point is just to do it and do it wholeheartedly. You could even read a Psalm or two, as those are songs of worship and praise.

Any songs you worship to don't even have to be strictly of the Praise&Worship category. It could be just a normal Christian song, and you find yourself in worship listening to it, and find God speaking to you through it. Awesome!

Do you have to listen to a new song each day? No. A single song could last for a few days- even a week- or more! The point is, the attitude and lifestyle of worship, not the act, and not how many songs you listen to or how many God speaks to you through. It's not even about doing the act every day. If you miss a few days, it's okay. Even if you don't stay in an attitude of worship all day, it's okay- we're human, it happens. There is no condemnation. This isn't a rigid, legalistic challenge. This is just a personal growth challenge- something to encourage yourself and others in.

Do you have to post every day telling which song you worshiped to/God spoke to you through, and how He spoke to you? No, but if you want to, that's great! It encourages others participating. On that note, it's great to see a post once a week, giving testimony, but again, it's not the point, so it's not necessary.

I guess all this is to ask- Will you join me in worship, basking in God's love for us and letting God speak to us and work in us through it on a daily basis?
As tomorrow is the first of the month (July 1), I'll be starting then. If you want to, jump in any time!

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