Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Little Things Make It All Worth While

Recently, my friend Megan wrote a post listing all the little things in her life that she loves and tends to take for granted. So wonderful an idea was this that, with her prompting, I have agreed to do so, as well.


The relaxing aroma of Mint Magic tea
The heartening taste of Irish Breakfast tea
Mornings where I sleep in and the sun comes shining through my window gentely waking me
Hugs from my nieces and nephew
"I miss you!"
Crisp, refreshing Autumn days
Slightly cool Spring days
Classical music playing during the midday hours
Snuggling under a soft, fleecy blanket
A warm, soft, cuddly kitty
Christmas decorations
Fresh apple cider
Nutella on honey crunchy oat bread
New stump socks
A new empty notebook for my purse
Compfy sweaters
Finding movies and shows I loved as a child, and haven't seen since
The smell of cut cilantro
The smell of lilacs
The first bite into a big, sweet strawberry
Getting things in the mail
My old teddy bear
Jazz music on long summer drives
The feel of a books pages
Rereading books I love
Photos turning out well
The moment something inspires a story, graphics set, or photo
Mornings and afternoons with the tv off
Good days at work
Sunshine through windows
Gloomy, rainy days with a blanket and a book
"Charlie Brown Christmas" snowfalls
Traveling by plane or road trip
Large sweet blueberries bursting in my mouth

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Anonymous said...

Aw, I love this.

A new empty notebook for my purse

Oh, yes. ^.^