Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Happened

I know, I know... NaNo ended weeks ago! But I have a good excuse to be so behind on telling how things went. Honest! I was sick, from Thanksgiving Day onward, with what had to have been an extremely bad cold or a more mild flu bug. I'm mostly better now, but it affected my inner ears (but no infection) in a way that my equalibrium is still quite off- not good for working in a restaurant. Admittedly, I did forget about putting up a results post without having been sick this past week, but it's here now. :-)

So, I started out fairly well. I got in my daily amount and even had a few days where I got in more than the daily 2k. Not that I didn't struggle a little when I was at the slower points- believe me, quite a bit of drabble was written. Still, I got myself to struggle to the start of the main plot point... and that's when it hit. I got what had to be some sort of writer's block. Did I have ideas for writing? Yes. Did I know how to get to them and get them out? No. Very frustrating. So, I started to drag out one chapter and write mostly drabble and "legal cheats" again. In fact, I'm still in that same chapter. Then, when I thought I could finally get myself to move on, I got sick and just couldn't focus well enough to write good stuff. So what did I write? More drabble and "legal cheats". :-P
Thanks to those things, I did make it over the 50k line, but not nearly as far in the story as I wanted to be. Not to mention hardly anything of quality in the last several thousand words. Much will be chopped out in editing. :-P

I do think I got some good moments in there, though, and I shall be making a Snippets post (probably tomorrow) with some of those. So keep an eye out, if you're interested. :-)

And since all that, I am recuperated- minus my ears- and busy busy busy with Christmas coming and other events. More posts shall come soon! I promise! ;-)

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