Saturday, March 10, 2012

Comfort and Joy

No, this is not a Christmas themed post. This is another post I was quite delayed on- my favorite things post. Joining in line with the likes of  MeganAbigailAnna, and Katie, I have decided to make a list as well.
The things that follow are those that bring just what the title says, or give me that sunny or bubbly feeling inside. Or a calm quiet happiness.

Window seats with cushions ~ Sunlight through glass block windows ~ Lying in sunspots on the floor ~ Big, overstuffed armchairs next to large windows ~ Light Classical music in the afternoon with sunlight streaming through the window ~ Worship music ~ Celtic music ~ Jazz music, especially old fashioned Jazz and piano, bass, and drum trios ~ Breezes wafting through open windows ~ Cool Fall days ~ Warm Spring days ~ Gazebos ~ Hidden corners in libraries ~ Four poster canopy beds with beautiful hangings, and tall enough to need a step stool to get onto them ~ Cupboarded or curtained beds ~ The sound and sight of rain from sitting in a parked car ~ Road to Avonlea ~ Fairy tales ~ BBC Merlin ~ Lip gloss and lipstick ~ Creamy white and dark crimson roses ~ White lilacs ~ Lilac scent ~ White tulips ~ White tea and ginger scent ~ Christmas lights (white and multi-colored) hung around a room ~ Fleecy blankets ~ Super soft mattresses and pillows ~ Tea ~ Faeries ~ Kitties ~ Bunnies ~ Hugs ~ Small, hideaway places ~ The tower at CFN Poland ~ The Eiffel Tower when it sparkles at midnight ~ Dreamy  and brilliant color photography ~ Black and white photography ~ Rich, dazzling lighting ~ Fireflies ~ Butterflies ~ Christmas music ~ Musicals ~ Christmas trees with or without presents underneath~ My nieces and nephew ~ Sonic screwdriver ~ Walks around CFNI campus ~ Squeeing over Austen (and other) heroes with friends ~ Cucumbers ~ People playing with my hair ~ My favorite books ~ Things that make me think of England and English things ~ Irish and Celtic stuff ~ Photos of Ireland ~ Historical dresses from Medieval through Victorian ~ Lovely parks ~ Creating stories in my mind, some to write down and some just for the moment ~ Jewel toned and pastel toned blues, purples, and greens ~ Starbucks Blended Cremes ~ Cream and gold, maybe with touches of burgundy ~ Chocolate (plain or combined with mint or peanut butter) ~ Hot soaking baths ~ Getting letters and packages in the mail ~ Fun and serious conversations with friends ~ The fountain at Highland Park Village ~ Old Town Warsaw and Gdansk ~ Sweet, ripe berries ~ Watermelon ~ Grand Haven Pier ~ Library book sales ~ Bath-Junkie ~ Looking over Stony Lake from the red swing at Camp AO-WA-KIYA ~ BBC Narnia ~ Dream Day computer game series ~ My favorite books ~ Discovering new favorite books ~ Opera ~ Guitar music ~ Playing my guitar when no one is around ~ Masquerade masks ~ Flower circlets ~ Scarves and hats ~ Historical, cultural, and literary paper dolls ~ Getting a photo just right ~ Autumn Wreath scented candles ~ My old teddy bear and Samantha doll ~ Seeing my DVDs well organized ~ Caleb and Hwinny ~ People watching at the mall ~ Bunica and Moshu's (now Joel's) house ~ Inside jokes that don't grow old ~ Lifescapes music ~ Things from my childhood ~ The unearned, undeserved, unmerited favor of God ~ Nights of Worship ~ Shalom ~ Basking in the love of God

"God rest ye merry, gentlemen, let nothing you dismay...
Oh, tidings of comfort and joy!"

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