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Faerie's Virtues Series- Character Meet 'n Greet

So many of my friends have done this, I figured I might as well. :-P
Before I begin introducing my characters I would like to point out a few things:
1. Only the first story (Faerie's Grace: Hwinny's Story) is written, and it is still in its rough draft stage, so do not expect perfection. I have only matched characters to photos in accordance with close matching looks, not close matching personalities or lives. So any of my friends who find their pictures here, don't worry- you're not really in the story. :-P
3 or C. All of the pictures I used I have tweaked, but all but two are not my own. About half of the pictures are stock photos I found on deviantArt and the rest are of people I actually know (some from The Lion's Call and some from real life), so I will be placing photo credits at the end of each character blurb.

Enjoy! (and kudos to anyone who reconizes the listing system.) :-D

Hwinny, raised by her strange guardians, grew up thinking she was merely Cherry Meinui. It wasn't until she met Caleb that she found out she was actually the long lost Princess Hwinny of Faerie who was kidnapped as a baby. Once she returned to The Realm of Faerie and was reunited with her family, she found out she was more important to the country than she realized.
(photo by MandeeMayhem Stock on deviantArt)

Caleb Cnubhi, also known as Prince Caleb, is betrothed to the Princess Hwinny and has vowed to find the lost princess and protect her. When he is successful in keeping his vow he is overjoyed, and even more grateful to find that he has come to truly love her, but will he be able to convince her of his love? And will he be able to keep his vow of protection with all that will come against the princess and himself?
(photo by Tigg Stock on deviantArt)

Princess Naji of Faerie is the twin sister of Princess Hwinny, but she has grown up in the Royal Court of Faerie knowing all the ins and outs of such a life. When her sister is returned to her she isn't quite sure about the girl, but they soon become friends. However, her sister's more adventerous spirit seems to be bound to get them in trouble and that's something Naji doesn't like. Still, she's willing to help her sister in every way she can, including on her quests.
(photo by IntergalacticStock on deviantArt)

Queen Afudue of Faerie was devistated when she found her daughter had been kidnapped. It broke her heart so much that she never recovered. Five years after the incident, she died, leaving behind a grieving husband and remaining child and a realm to mourn the loss of a most beloved queen.
(photo[s] of my friend Olivia at her wedding)

King Eznueb of Faerie is the greatest king the people of the Realm have ever known, but he is also the one with the most heartbreaking past. First the kidnapping of his daughter, then the death of his queen, and now the possible uprising of the Mountain Keepers race and the fabled Goblins. Things start to look up for him when his daughter comes back, but will he be able to let her go enough as soon as he's found her to let her fulfill her obvious destiny?
(photo of Curt Coffield)

Nurse Ippy was the Royal Nurse to the Princesses Hwinny and Naji, and supposedly had no idea how Hwinny disappeared from her crib. She later became Naji's governess, but her secrets soon land her in trouble.
(photo by Kathy Ophelia on deviantArt)

Sarah Gable is one of Hwinny's best friends since junior high school, and is now one of her roommates at college. Sarah is a fashionista and loves to tease and joke around with people, but she is very tenderhearted to those she cares about- unless she is deeply hurt by one of them.
(photo by Kuoma Stock on deviantArt)

Holly Berhgwall is the other one of Hwinny's best friends since junior high, and is the other college roommate. She's rather realistic and can be slightly pessimistic, but she's a faithful friend and has many a surprise up her own sleeves.
(photo by Fox Stock on deviantArt)

Will Clowe grew up being friends with Caleb, and is one of the youth helpers at Hwinny's church. Unfortunately, for Hwinny, he's also had a crush on her for many years, which wouldn't be so intolerable if he wasn't so clingy.
(photo of my friend Adrian)

Mr. Cnubhi (Aaron to his friends) is Caleb's father and is an Earl of Faerie. He also owns a hotel and restaurant in the mortal world, but his most important job is that of guardian of the last portal between the faerie and the mortal worlds. He is very kind and generous and very loyal to the royal house of Faerie.
(photo of Pastor Lee Cummings)

Mrs. Cnubhi (Tania) is Caleb's mother and a cousin to the late Queen Afudue. She is gentle and loving, and loves to help her son in whatever way she can. She also takes her role as portal guardian, with her husband, very seriously.
(photo of Jen Coffield)

Karen is a housemaid at the Cnubhi's house in the mortal world, but acts as Hwinny's personal maid whenever the princess is there. The two girls have become very good friends inspite of their difference in station, and it's relationship that Hwinny never forgets.
(photo by Chamberstock on deviantArt)

Duke Pellwiv is the king's most trusted advisor, and is also his oldest friend. He may seem stuffy and strict to those who are younger than him, but he is very loyal to his king and the royal house.
(photo of my dad)

Lady Nory was the Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Afudue and then to Princess Naji. Once Princess Hwinny returned, Lady Nory was reassigned to her as Instructress in the Ways of the Court as well as Lady-in-Waiting. She is very strict in her lesson regime and is all about proper ettiquette, so much so it drives Hwinny up the wall, but she means well. She takes great pride in being able to server her beloved late queen by training her lost daughter.
(photo by auroradreams on deviantArt)

Sir John is a Knight of the Realm, and is betrothed to Princess Naji. He is also Prince Caleb's closest friend in Faerie, and he loves an adventure now and then.
(photo by Goblin Stock on deviantArt)

Lady Henafubi is Sir John's sister, and is Princess Naji's new Lady-in-Waiting. She is also a good friend of Naji's. She is very patient and very sweet and loves to learn about things beyond her knowlege and experiences of her life at Court.
(photo of my friend Lady Rosebud of TLC)

Purity is a young Wood Woman who befriends the princesses and Caleb on their first journey, and joins them in the rest of their mission. She is very wise, as many in her race are, and is great help and friend.
(photo by Chamberstock on deviantArt)

The Keeper is a figure of legend talked of in an old Faerie nursery rhyme. She sailed eastward from Faerie 1500 years ago, never to return. It is said she resides on Fufeh- the island of lilacs- in her ship the Petraverd and can be seen with her constant companion, Dear One.
(photo by Elandria on deviantArt)

Dear One, also called Dearie, is a talking fox kit and companion to her "Misstress", The Keeper. She is very cute, and has a personality all her own.
(photo from a google search)

Eli is a Wood Man, and is Purity's neighbor and betrothed. He is a brave soul, and joins the young people in their second journey.
(photo of my friend Chris Lepsch)

Joel is Eli's brother, whome he also lives with. He also joins in on the second journey.
(photo of my friend Sir Arieh of TLC)

That's all for now! :-)

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It's Hwinny! And Caleb! And Hwinny! And Caleb! get the idea. :P

And a bucketload of other fabulous characters as well. I love all the photos you found of them. And Dear One (of course) is adorable.



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*Squees* Perfect!I'm still reading the story. Didn't quite get a chance to finish before I came home from school. (and now everything is so so so busy... bleh).

Spectacular pictures. Most are ever so close to how I imagined the characters too!

Now you should do a book trailer video!