Sunday, October 7, 2012

Let Me Show You Around

This  is all explained again in the following videos, but I decided to spin off of Miss Laurie's bookcase tour and make a video tour of my own. Only I did my movies, as my books are fairly scattered at the moment. (I really need to fix that :-P )

I will warn you, this turned out to be quite long, so I split the tour into different segments. Each segment is labeled with what sort of movies (the highlights) are covered in that video.

Part 1- Intro, Narnia, Lord of the Rings

Part 2- Fairy tale movies, Hallmark collection, American Girl and Mandie movies

Part 3- Jane Austen, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Anne of Green Gables/Road to Avonlea

Part 4- Doctor Who, Merlin

Part 5- Literary, Braodway Musicals, Movie/MGM Style Musicals

Part 6- Miscellaneous/Classics/Animated....anything that didn't fit into another category, Conclusion

If you made it through all that, good on ya! I know I talked too much. :-P
Any questions or anything to add, just leave a comment! Or anything you want to comment on, leave a comment as well! :-)

As I said in the conclusion, I do want to do my books, eventually...I don't know when it will be, though.
Also, I hope to do a period costume tour via my paper doll collection. I've got some pretty good ones. ;-)

As for now, NaNoWriMo approaches, and our focus goes to that!


Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Oooh! How fun! So I'm going to comment as I watch which mean this comment might be a little long. :)

Thanks for mentioning me! I'm glad that my videos inspired you to do videos of your own! :)
You are so cute! I love your little remarks and explanations!

Jerry Lewis movies! I've watched a couple of his movies on Netflix recently. I found 'Who's Minding The Store?' quite hilarious. Only seen Cinderfella once but really want to see it again.

Peanuts! Yeah, I don't do Halloween either but that special is very cute, I watched it with my mom last Halloween. The Christmas one is such a classic! I've watched it so many times! :) Hmm...I think I've seen Snoopy Come Home before.
"Back when Disney channel was actually decent!" heehee, yeah, I remember those days... :)

You have a Muppets collection?!? Their Christmas Carol is my favorite movie version of that story too! Yes, love the music! :)

Yay Narnia! Not sure I've seen the animated version, what a neat story about your salvation! I love the BBC Naria films, probably my favorite, my family has that collection too. The Walden versions are gorgeous and lots of fun too.

The LOTR the extended editions are fantastic. I don't own them but enjoyed watching them once with my dad and brother. Definitely can't wait for the Hobbit either! :)

Okay, part 2.

Wait! You have the Shelley Duvall series tooo???? I own that exact set! My parents love them so I grew up with them renting the videos and then a year or two ago I bought that set and watched all the episodes. They are fantastically funny!
Oooh, I love that version of Beauty and the Beast! I wasn't allowed to watch Pewee Herman either, mostly because my parents found him annoying, I do too. haha Haven't seen that Puss in Boots. Oooh! Amelia Shankley! I'll have to check out that Little Red Riding Hood.
I remember seeing a Snow White version once that I really loved and that musical one might be it. I've seen that Emperor's New Clothes before but it was just a bit too cheesy for me. heehee
I watched The Slipper And The Rose recently, it was quite good!
I think I've seen that Alice in Wonderland, oh yeah, jam-packed with stars! Loved those when I was a girl. :)

Love Hallmark movies... Hans Christian Andersen! I've only seen that once but loved it! JJ Feild, yeah, I've seen that Jack and the Beanstalk and it was okay. Also seen that Leprechaun movie it was a bit odd but had lots of actors I knew.

Love American Girls! The Felicity one is gorgeous and a great film. The Samantha movie is wonderful too. Kit! I think that's my favorite but all four are good.

My sister and I watched some of the Mandie movies and they were interesting. I hadn't read a couple of the books growing up.

Okay, this calls for a second comment. I'm loving these because we seem to own and love many of the same movies! :)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

On to video 3!

Jane Austen, yay! You sound like me, I have a very extensive JA collection too! :)
Emma Thompson's S&S is such a classic. Keira Knightley P&P not my favorite either. The 1999 Mansfield Park is quite inappropriate. My S&S 2008 includes Miss Austen Regrets too.
Yep, JJ Feild. :) P&P 1995! Yes, the best version evah! Kate Beckinsdale Emma is really lovely, it was the first Emma I'd ever seen so I'm quite partial to it and my family quotes it a lot. :)
I love the 1980's Mansfield Park, it is the best, best version of Fanny.

A Little Princess! I love that version, it's the best! I need to get a DVD copy, watched it all the time growing up. Hmm...I didn't know that about the extended scenes in the DVD vs. the VHS. Thanks for that tidbit! My family had the VHS version.

The 1994 is my favorite Secret Garden version, my family loves it and quotes it. Haven't read the book though. It's okay to be picky about films! :)

Yeah, Anne the Continuing Story isn't really worth the time. Too bad because it had the potential to be so good.

You have the entire Road to Avonlea series!?! Amazing! Would love to see that series again. Gus Pike is great! :)

Part 4, sounds interesting!

Doctor Who! I've only watched one Sarah Jane and Tom Baker episode, need to watch more. Taking notes on which are your favorites. My grandmother loved the Tom Baker episodes.
Christopher Eccleston's Doctor and Rose! That's a beautiful box set!
Season 2 is probably my favorite. Wow! Season 3 and 4. Yeah, lots of people don't like Stephen Moffat's episodes.
Never seen the Sarah Jane Adventures, are they good?

Watched a couple Merlin but didn't really get into it much. Have you seen the BBC Robin Hood series? Similar style to Merlin but I liked it a lot better.

So I'm going to leave a third comment because I'm having too much fun commenting as I go. :)

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Part 5 -
Never seen Back Home. Ballet Shoes! My sister and I love that film! I've heard By Way Of The Stars is good, can't remember seeing it before. Ella Enchanted is fun, never read the book though. Ever After! a definite favorite. Dougary Scott plays Prince Henry.
Heidi! That version is probably my favorite with Jane Seymour.
Is Hugo good? Oh, I guess it is! :)
The Inheritance is fun, I've heard it's not like the book really.
I love that old BBC Jane Eyre too!
Latern Hill is a family favorite, watched it lots of times growing up.
Series of Unfortunate Events is funny, have seen it a few times. Little Women 1994 is a sweet movie even if it isn't much like the book.

North & South!!! Mr. Thornton! Squeeee! :) Yes, it is awesomeness! heehee :) Yeah, pretty close to the book. I like both the book and movie endings.

Penelope is fun, my sister and I enjoy watching sometimes. The Princess Bride! definitely a classic!
Rigoletto is so good! Another family favorite, I love the music too!

The Scarlet Pimpernel! Squeal! haha :) Haven't read the book yet.
The Secret of Moonacre is pretty good, I've never read the book it's based off of. Yeah, the movie is rather "mother-naturey".

Love musicals! Annie is classic. Love Brigadoon. Never heard of Flower Drum Song before, will have to watch it. Gigi is fun. Hello Dolly! is such fun. My Fair Lady! got to love it! :)
Phantom of the Opera, yeah it's good but I do love the older musicals best. I saw the Live At Albert Hall version recently and that was quite delightful.
An American in Paris is fun, Calamity Jane too.

"Got to love me some Danny Kaye!" Yes!!! I grew up with his movies and love them! Court Jester is quite fun. My favorite is The Inspector General and Hans Christian Andersen.
Got to love Fred Astaire! totally! :)
Oh you have seen Hans Christian Andersen, I love that musical even though it's not close to his real life. White Christmas! classic! :)
Bing Crosby and Bob Hope are great, Road to Bali is my favorite "Road" movie too, haven't seen it in forever.
Singin' In The Rain is swonderful! :)

Part 6 -
Anastasia is fun. I like animated films sometimes, there's definitely some great classics. Never seen the Gidget movies before.
Just Like Heaven was sort of disappointing, wanted to like it more, the same with Lake House. Mulan does have some great songs!
My Big Fat Greek Wedding is funny, haven't seen that in a long time.

National Treasure and Night At The Museum are so fun! Princess Diaries 1&2 are lots of fun.
Ratatouille is quite fun, it's smart, I like the cooking theme.

Audrey Hepburn is a recent favorite of mine, I need to see Roman Holiday.

The Terminal is a sweet story. I love the soundtrack too. Yeah, wish it was cleaner.
Only seen The Village once and it was a bit too creepy for me.
You've Got Mail is a classic, great chick flick!

This was fun! I really enjoyed seeing your DVD collection and finding out that we like a lot of the same things. Thanks for posting Rebekah! :)

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

You're welcome! :-)
I love "Who's Minding The Store"! It's one of the first of his movies I remember seeing, and I wish it would come out on DVD...also The Geisha Boy and Rock-a-bye Baby.
Muppet's CC for the win! :-D
I'm glad you like the BBC Narnias best. I'm a staunch defender of them. ;-)
I just got that Faerie Tale Theater set a year or so ago, too! They are fun, though, you have to watch out for The Frog Prince and Sleeping Beauty...
You know about the Cannon Movie Tales! I'm always amazed when I find someone else who knows about them. I agree about The Emperor's New Clothes... It is one of the cheesiest of the set, and I especially hate the song Nicholas and Gilda sing. Gag me! But Sid Ceaser plays a pretty good Emperor.
You need to read The Secret Garden! I don't know how you've lived this long without having read it! I mean, it's not my favorite, but it is such a good story. And, yes, I'd have to say '94 Secret Garden is my favorite version, even if the BBC one is more accurate. :-)
Yes, I have the entire RtA're welcome to come over and have a marathon with me anytime. :-)
Tom Baker is my favorite of the old Doctors. Of the episodes I don't have, another of my favorites is The Android Invasion.
And, yes, the Sarah Jane Adventures are very good. Of course, they are geared toward a younger crowd, but I think that's why I like them so much. You get a lot of the same good stuff as Doctor Who, without the immoral crud...there are a couple episodes to watch out for in one of the seasons, though...not morally but spiritually.
I did try the first episode of Robin Hood at the same time that I tried the first episode of Merlin (I had caught up on DW and needed something else to watch), but I got into Merlin more, so I haven't watched anymore episodes. I may give Robin Hood another go sometime.
You should read Ella Enchanted- don't accept the movie as the story!
The did read the book, but it's been years. If I remember right, it's actually not too far off the book, but it's not exact, either.
The Live At Royal Albert Hall PotO actually was a bit different than the what I knew of the original production, of which my sister had the CDs, from her CDs and a special I had seen some time back on tv where they showed clips of the original through to, then, somewhat recent years. It was interesting.
I actually didn't care for what I've seen of The Inspector General. My other favorite DK movies are Wonder Man and A Song Is Born. :-)

I'm glad you liked it!
Yes, we do seem to like a lot of the same things! We must be kindred spirits! :-)
Thanks for watching, especially for watching the whole thing!