Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hwinny's Eleven

So, Hwinny was tagged by Kendra's character Marryanne for the Elevensies tag going around.
This is a little strange for me, as I don't usually let my characters speak for themselves (they prefer to be represented, you know), but I suppose there is a first time for everything.
Hwinny has requested to dispense with the eleven facts, and stick only to the questions. In order to get her to even do this (especially since I woke her up from a long nap), I agreed to the request.

Can we just get this over with?

In a moment. We have to get through certain formalities, first.

Hang formalities!

And what would Lady Nory say to that?

Considering everything, I don't think she would be happy- but this is one of those times where I really don't care...and I know Naji would be cringing if she heard me say that.

All right. Fine. Here are the questions. Are you ready?

No, but here goes:

1. How many knives do you usually have concealed on your person? I'm not going to ask where you conceal them, but if you want to answer that, you may.
I don't usually keep a knife on me, unless absolutely necessary, but, when I do, it's only one. After all, one is all you need if you know how to use it right.

2. How many times have you run away from home? Do you ask your parents permission before you do so?
Well....what do you count as running away? I suppose I did run away from my guardians home and college, but I don't know if that counts. Besides, that was actually running to home, not away from home.

3. What is your rank and station in life?
In the mortal world I am a college student and a youth ministry assistant. In Faerie, I am a princess.

4. Do your cousins like you?
Oh, yes! They like me very much. 

5. How many siblings do you have and do they like you?
I always thought I was an only child, but it turns out I have a twin sister. She's the only sibling I have, though, and I think she likes me...she doesn't always approve of my adventures, but she ends up joining in with me and I think we've started becoming the sisters we were born to be.

6. How many pets do you have? What are they and what are their names?
I don't have any personal pets, unfortunately. I should remedy that.

7. Can you dance? Sing? Fight?
Well, I've had to learn more dancing than I was already able to do, once I got to Faerie. I don't know that I can say I'm entirely proficient, but I think I do fairly well. Yes, I can sing, though not enough to go professional. Fighting is a whole other matter... I had to learn, and I can defend myself, but I don't think I could lead a battle or anything- I'll  leave that one to Caleb.

8. How many adventures have you gone on?
Oh, goodness! I suppose it was all one big adventure, but there were a few smaller adventure type segments in there.

9. You enjoyed them? Right?
As much as anyone who's grown up in a somewhat mundane human life and suddenly thrown into all that can, I suppose.

10. Can you hop on one foot?

11. How many languages do you speak?
English, of course, and I did take a couple years of French and Spanish in high school, but I don't think I retained much of anything. Besides, those languages are no use to me here in Faerie, unless a courtier wishes to practice their knowledge of the mortal languages...which freaks me out, because I don't remember them very well- except, English, of course. I'll have to refresh myself on those eventually. Right now, though, I'm steeped in trying to learn Faerie. Not easy, but not as hard as I thought it would be.

Is that it?

Yep, those are all the questions.

Okay.....good....I'm out of here! I'm going back to sleep!

Hwinny! Pardon her, please. I don't think she's in a very good mood right now. :-P
And since Hwinny didn't leave any word of whom to tag, I'll just leave it as is. Sorry. :-(
But if you want to consider yourself (or one of your own characters) tagged, feel free, and here are some questions. You can answer them via post (please let me know if you do) or via comment. :-)

1. Paper or plastic?
2. Red and gold or blue and silver?
3. Potted plants or cut flowers?
4. Favorite lesser known (or completely obscure) fairy tale?
5. Cake or pie?
6. Do you wish the Grand Duchess Anastasia had actually survived?
7. Roses or daisies?
8. What is your favorite part(s) about Fall?
9. What is your favorite Christmas tradition(s)?
10. Do you still own VHS tapes?
11. What is the best food accompaniment to tea, other than scones?

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