Thursday, February 2, 2012

Story Snippets- February

  First, just let me say how I can't belive it is February already! That said, my dear friend Katie has started a monthly blog thingy where you can post little snippets of the various works you have been working on, etc. I think it is an awesome idea, and that is what I am here for today.
As I haven't actually written anything for So She Dances yet, I shall be featuring my two Faerie's Virtues books that I have completed.

"He was teasing, and Cherry couldn’t help but smile and retort. 'Well, then, sir, your fears have been realized. I am a tea sweetener. "No tea unsweetened" is my motto.'"
~Faerie's Grace: Hwinny's Story


"The next two days were spent in a mix of relaxation and slightly anxious anticipation. Everyone was on edge waiting to hear an answer, but no answer came before Naji and Purity were to leave. The morning of departure came and went, and, as soon as the coach was out of sight, Caleb and Hwinny gathered what they would need for an overnight and made their way back through the long tunnel."
~Faerie's Grace: Hwinny's Story

"Hwinny and Caleb looked at each other. They knew they existed, and that the alliance between the two races was probably true, but here was absolute proof. 'We believe they do,' Hwinny told him. 'In fact, we know they do, and we’re going to stop them.'"
~Faerie's Grace: Hwinny's Story

“I know many of you, today, hold memories of my mother- memories of her I will never have; even memories of her before I and my lost sister were ever born. It was her grief over my missing sister that brought on her cruel fate- for fate it is when a Faerie does not live to fade but dies before their time, as if they were mortal. Our memories of her are bittersweet. She was beautiful and kind, and loved my father and myself dearly, and I wish she had been able to spend more time with us as I grew. As it is, most of my memories are mixed together. Some seeing her happy and smiling as she watched me play or played with me, or as she and my father talked over happy things that I was yet too young to understand. These memories soon blur and flow into memories of her sighing and walking around melancholy as something had suddenly brought memories of her missing child to the forefront of her mind, making her tender heart break even more. I choose, however, to remember her in the light of the former- laughing and singing, and teaching me what lessons she could."
~Faerie's Love: Naji's Story

“You see, the Mountain Keepers have a rather large thirst for knowledge. It does not matter too much what kind of knowledge, as long as it is useful to us, and we will take it from anywhere. Technology is one of the most useful forms of knowledge that we have gained from the mortal world. You Faeries have only gone so far as to have electricity. We have gone far enough to have certain forms of electronics.”
~Faerie's Love: Naji's Story



Lilly said...

Wow! Exciting! and interesting and many other words I can't think of words for... These stories I can tell would be very interesting reads! GO WROSIE!!! Write on!

Anonymous said...

Delightful snippets! I love the first one--made me chuckle. ^.^

Eva of Cair Paravel said...

Go on Wrosie! I can't wait to read them!