Monday, April 30, 2012

Beautiful People- April

True to form, the character voice that popped in my head as I was reading this month's questions (and I know it's late in the month, but they just posted these...and it is in fact still April, even if it is the last day) the main character of the last book I worked on came up. So, this month we shall get to know a little about Mary Lennox. (No! Not that Mary Lennox!) And, as always, you'll find this month's questions and an explanation of the whole thing here.

1. What is their favourite type of shoes?  Tennis shoes. Definitely. She likes to be free to run and climb trees and other stuff, and she likes to be able to do so quickly.

2. Do they journal?   Nah, she's never gotten into it.

3. What’s their favorite animal?   Cats and horses, equally.

4. What does their average day look like?   Get up and get dressed, eat breakfast, do school work (boring!), go out and explore with Joe (fun!), come home, eat dinner, do homework, watch a little t.v. or read if there's time, go to bed.

5. Night owl or morning person? (Optional: What time do they usually wake up? Go to bed?)   She'd be a night owl if her parents would let her, but her bed time is ten o'clock which they think is late enough, but she thinks midnight would be better. She gets up at eight every morning.

6. Do they have a sweet tooth?  Chocolate is dangerous in her presence! And the occasional Starburst or jelly bean (especially Jelly Belly flavors!)

7. What colors are their bedroom?  White walls and a whole eclectic patchwork mish-mosh of other colors in her bed stuff and decor (no curtains). If she had her own way, though, she would have pale lime green walls with white trim, and light purple and white decor.

8. Can they cook?   Does grilled cheese count? or boxed mac 'n cheese? Well, she can make hot dogs, cheese omelet, scrambled eggs, and french toast, too. Otherwise, it's cereal and sandwiches...or frozen microwave dinners.

9. What is their favorite household chore?  None! Though, she can somewhat tolerate helping with the dishes.

10. Favorite kind of tea?  Iced flavored with peach or raspberry. She hasn't gotten to like hot and without flavoring, yet, but she's working  on it. ;-)

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