Monday, January 16, 2012

Book Lists

As many of you may know, Katie wrote a post some time ago listing all the books she had read in 2011. She then said she was going to get started on her reading list for 2012. That gave me the inspiration to make a post of my own giving you the list of books I plan to read, myself, this year.
With the over 400 books I own already (on my Nook, not including my hard copy books), it is really quite a difficult decision to make; and there are other books that I don't own that I want to read, too! Also, with work and other life distractions, I don't tend to have as much time as I used to for reading, so I'm hoping what I've whittled down to will be doable for me. So here is my list, as it stands now.

Reading List 2012

Darby O’ Gill (done already)
Christmas Carol, The Chimes, Cricket on the Hearth (all in one book)
Secret Holocaust Diaries
The Mysterious Benedict Society
The Merchant’s Daughter
Oliver Twist
Sanditon, The Watsons, Lady Susan (all in one book)
Wind in the Willows
Men of Iron
The Phantom of Pemberly
Murder At The Vicarage
David Copperfield
Andersen's Fairy Tales
Gulliver’s Travels
North and South
Peter Pan
An Irish Christmas
Little Dorrit
The Queen of Frost and Darkness
The Night Dance

If I have time/on a whim, add in:
Little Women(re-read- last read at age 12)
The Gammage Cup (don't own)
The Invention of Hugo Cabret (don't own)
The Night Circus (don't own)

How does all that sound?
I really do hope I'll get all that read. I really want to! As you can see, I've already got one down, and I'm into The Chimes in the second book, so I think I'm well on my way. :-)
I think it's a fairly good mix of classics and modern books, too. Here we go! :-D

Out of curiosity...would anyone like to see the full list of those over 400 books?


Anonymous said...

Oliver Twist! Such a wonderful book. And I hope you have more sucess with Copperfield than I did. That book is HUGE! I only got half way through--and I don't often quit reading a book, so that's saying something. :P

Happy reading!

Rhoswen Faerie Wrose said...

So is Little Dorrit. This is, indeed going to be quite the indevor. It also seems to be my year for Dickens, just as 2010 seemed to have been my year for Austen. :-)